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La Confraternita di S.Jacopo di Compostella

Informazioni sulla Guida


Books " terre di mezzo " are avalable in bookstores, fair trading shops and on the street, by " terre di mezzo " authorized retailer.

Books can also be ordered straight to distributor " Pde Libri " if in bookstore where not availble.

numero verde: 800.804.900 - fax: 02-

It is furthermore possibile order and buy the book directly on the following website:

If you are a credit card owner, you can use paypal, the faster and safer way to send money.

You can also get book at home:

Payment Methods:

Cash on delivery: the total amount of order shall be paid cash by costumer to courier on delivery. For this type of payment we could apply an overprice on shipping fees. Therefore, we ask to verify order by phone before delivery.

call: +

Bank transfer (in advance):
costumer should send money via bank transfer only after the confirmation of the order; book can only be delivered after receiving money. We kindly ask to send us the receipt by mail to this address:

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